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We offer kid and pet friendly carpet, tile, upholstery, natural stone, and rug cleaning to League City, Kemah, Friendswood, Pearland, Seabrook, Dickinson, Clear Lake, Webster and the Houston Metro Area.

Scientific Cleaning and Restoration was developed locally by a former engineer with NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.  Utilizing a methodical, scientific approach with all our services has been key to our success.  Whether its builder-grade carpeting or a priceless oriental rug, you can expect the best with Scientific Cleaning and Restoration.



Used by Scientific Cleaning and Restoration in League City

Highlights of Our Service


  • Family owned and operated
  • Latest science-based techniques, equipment, and cleaning products
  • Kid, pet, and environmentally friendly
  • Fully insured
  • We specialize in pet spot treatment
  • Servicing Residential and Commercial properties



Our Scientific Tools

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve all aspects of our company.  As our company name implies- we use the latest, science-based technology available to optimize our service.   Scientific Cleaning and Restoration has spared no expense into the latest high-performance carpet cleaning equipment.   You can expect your carpets to be incredibly clean and dry in just a few hours.  Here are few examples of our scientific tools and why we use them:


Hot Water Extractor- The hot water extraction cleaning system is the only deep-cleaning method recommended by major carpet manufacturers. Many portable systems (e.g., rented at your local grocery store) provide only a surface-level cleaning.  We use a very large and powerful, truck-mounted hot water extractor to remove embedded soil from your carpet.  Used in combination with our Rotovac 360i and Procyon cleaning products- we created the best carpet cleaning system available! For quality carpet cleaning in League City that uses a hot water extractor call us today! (photo- www.prochem.com)



Rotovac 360i- The Rotovac 360i is a rotary power-tool.  The Rotovac 360i cleans better and leaves carpets drier than traditional cleaning wands; its an extraordinary cleaning machine! (photo-www.carpet-cleaning-equipment.net)




Procyon Cleaning Products- Procyon cleaning products are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, with no VOCs or off-gassing. Does not leave a residue, greatly reducing rapid re-soiling, so carpets stay cleaner longer. They are made with all natural components providing the safest cleaning solutions to protect your family’s health. Scientific Cleaning and Restoration does carpet cleaning in League City using Procyon products. (photos and info- www.soapfreeprocyon.com)



pH Pen Meter- Have a spot or stain caused by an unknown substance?  One method to help identify the spot or stain is to measure its pH.  The pH pen meter helps us identify and subsequently treat spots and stains appropriately. (photo- www.jondon.com)




UV Light, Moisture Sensor and Water Extractor– Do you have a family pet that “humbles” you on occasion?  We can relate!  We have tools specifically designed to treat those tough pet spots.  First, we have a UV light (or Black light) to locate pet spots for treatment.  Next, the moisture sensor indicates whether a spot has migrated through to the underlay- which then requires a sub-surface treatment.  Lastly, the Water Extractor is a sub-surface treatment tool used without removing the carpet or pad. (photos- www.jondon.com)



Battery Powered Sprayer- We apply a consistent amount of cleaning solution with a battery powered sprayer.  Its a faster and more accurate method than manual sprayers.    (photo- www.carpet-cleaning-equipment.net)




Lift Buddy and Furniture Slides- These tools assist in moving furniture relatively easily and safely. (photos- www.jondon.com)







Corner Guards- We are very careful when moving our cleaning equipment in and out of your home.  Nevertheless, wall and furniture corners are very susceptible to damage from an accidental bump or scrape.  We protect your wall corners, door jambs, and furniture with corner guards. (photo-www.coolcuffs.net)


Professional Grade Vacuum- Vacuuming prior to deep-cleaning is a crucial step. Vacuuming removes most of the loose soil that would otherwise turn into “mud” when cleaning solution is applied. We use a professional grade vacuum that exceeds all industry regulation testing standards set by the Carpet & Rug Institute and the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system on performance and filtration. Filtration is up to 99.77% efficient at capturing dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other particulates. (photo- www.jondon.com)





Yard Sticks- We typically park on the street and route our equipment lines from the truck to your house.  We do our best to route the lines down sidewalks and driveways but there are sections that can span your lawn and landscaping.  Our solution-lines are very hot and can actually leave burn marks on lawn.  We prevent this by elevating the lines with Yardsticks. Yardsticks also keep our lines from accidentally dragging across your flower beds. (photo- www.coolcuffs.net)






Air Movers- Our equipment, very effectively, extracts the hot water used during the final rinsing of your carpets, tile, and upholstery.  However, we go one more step and deploy air movers to “turbo” dry all surfaces.  Your carpet and upholstery should be completely dry within a few hours.  Note- heavy pet spot treatment may take upwards of 24hrs dry-time.  Additionally, we can leave air movers over-night as necessary.(photos- www.jondon.com)


Other Items of Interest

  • Safety Signs, Caution Tape, and Floor Mats- We deploy safety signs and/or caution tape around our equipment and near flooring transitions (e.g. living room carpet to kitchen tile) to prevent slips and falls.  Additionally, we put down temporary floor mats on hard surfaces near wet carpeting so occupants can dry their feet.
  • Routing equipment into your home or business- To keep your AC in and bugs out- we route our hoses/lines through windows (protected with moving blankets) or we construct temporary  plastic barriers when going through doors.
  • Furniture Moving Blankets- Used to protect your furniture and hardwood flooring whenever necessary.
  • Senior, Military, Fireman, Police Discount- 10% discount


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